November 1, 2020


Hello R and R family! Laura here!

I am hoping this message finds you all healthy and happy!

For months now, I’ve been hoping things would turn around; hoping things would change for the better, hoping a vaccine would miraculously appear. Unfortunately, hope doesn’t pay the bills.   

As many of you know, after opening R and R about 7 years ago, I made it my mission to help de-stress our little corner of the world. I wanted to create a relaxing space for people to find pain relief and stress relief. I do believe I reached that goal. 😊  The year leading up to this pandemic was our best yet. We were finally becoming the little spa that I had envisioned. …and then... the pandemic hit.  Stress filled days and sleepless nights wondering how this was going to affect R and R.  Many of our clients have compromised immune systems, are in their older years, are scared to do something perceived as “risky,” or have covid-related financial challenges of their own.  Whatever the reason, a large number of our members and regular clients did not return. Believe me when I say - I understand everyone’s concerns and I have no hard feelings, I am just sad for our new reality.  

Considering all these ingredients, and knowing that my lease was up for renewal, it is with a heavy heart that I have decided to close R and R.  Life and its curveballs!   It all boils down to some business basics. When the money coming in is less than the money going out for too many months in a row – it’s time to let things go. 2020 has destroyed so many dreams, especially in the world of small businesses. 

A few things everyone needs to know, especially our cherished members who stuck it out with us.

We will be “business as usual” until the end of the year. When 2020 wraps up, so will R and R. The landlord has thrown some understanding my way – and has offered me to go month to month if things were to change and pick up. I’m not planning for that, but I will keep an open mind just in case.

For our remaining R and R members – 

  • If you still have 2 or more benefits banked in your account - you have not been charged for November and won’t be charged for December. You will still be able to use those credits – and if you come more often, you will always receive the discounted membership rate. 

  • If you have multiple credits to use and are not able to redeem all of them - Please consider donating some or all of them. If you are interested in this option please send me a text stating so. I have a list of first responders and teachers I’m sure would appreciate a gifted service. 

  • If you are up to date with your membership – (been using them as you go) it will continue thru Dec1 (last date we will charge up to date accounts) so you can still come in for your discounted services thru the end of December. 

Please be advised we are not selling any more gift certificates, or any more memberships.  It’s time to use them up if you have them! 

Members are entitled to the discounted rates until we close.  

I am confident that all of the employees at R and R will do well in their futures, as they are all so incredibly talented, yet I am still concerned for them. I will be making available to all of them the offer for you to contact each other so you can stick with your favorite staff member wherever they may end up if you choose! Some will also be sporting the idea of in-home massage services if that is of interest to you! 

It goes without saying – but I will say it anyway. I have absolutely loved our little R and R community. I appreciate every single person who walked through those doors. So many of you have transitioned from client to friend  and I hope we can stay in touch.  YOU all made R and R everything I dreamed it would be and I am a better person for knowing you! 

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Texting is still best! You’ll hear from me again before the end of the year I’m sure. I just wanted to let everyone know where things stand. I did not want to leave anyone hanging –and I wanted to give you the opportunity to use up your R and R credits. We still have two months to go, so please help us get to the end of the year. Your support over the last several years has been amazing. I will forever be grateful.

Click here for information on where to go now - and how to find our employees