Well here we are.. the new guidelines in the wake of a Pandemic. 

These are some of the new RULES at R and R.

Let me first say - We are ready!

Most of what we have always done, meets the states guidelines for safety. We have always been meticulous with cleaning, sanitizing, disinfecting and sterilizing.  Now - we're doing even more and we are going to make things as safe as we possibly can - for everyone, clients and employees.  
Check here often as things seem to change on a regular basis.


When you make your appointment, you will receive a confirmation email.  In that email - there is a link for your health intake form. Please fill out - even if you have before, it may not be 'complete' or up to date - this will keep us current with you and will prevent us having to ask you to fill out paperwork when you arrive. (some of you have started it, but not completed it)  THANK YOU :)

PLEASE read all of the following.

We understand a lot of these new rules - to some of you - may seem like more than necessary.
But these are the rules required by the State of CT. 
Regardless of your particular viewpoint - we will be working with the 'better safe than sorry' mentality. 

These are not recommendations. These are required by the state.
Please do not ask us to bend any rules - as we will not.


Here are the HIGHLIGHTS on what to expect from us,
and what we expect from you:

1. MASKS 😷

In order to open R and R, we are ALL required to wear a mask for the entirety of the visit. Currently in Phase 2, we can not do any service that would require you to remove your mask. This means - no face massage. No facials. Hopefully as things move forward, those restrictions will be lifted.
All clients are required to wear a mask.
Employees are required to wear mask and during a service; eye protection. 
If you do not want to wear a mask during your service, please wait and come when we can offer services again without them. If you remove your mask at any time during your service, all employees are to end the service and leave the room.  You must wear them for the ENTIRE visit. This is not up for negotiation.  Sorry!
(Remember...this isn't a forever inconvenience... it's just a now inconvenience)

..btw, we know it seems weird to wear a mask getting a massage.. thoughts are, how do I do that when I'm laying face down? Well.. yes, it is a little weird at first. It may take some fiddling and adjusting til it's 'comfortable'.
Our experience is - you get used to it much quicker than you might expect. Before you know it, you don't even notice it!  💜


2. Text to make your appointment 

We will now be requiring all appointments to be made via our text number, 860-866-6980... as our online booking system has been temporarily suspended. This is so we can control the start and end times of appointments -designed to avoid multiple clients coming and going at the same time.
Appointments will be staggered to the best of our ability.  This makes it all the more important to arrive on time, as appointments will need to end at the scheduled end time, regardless of when the appointment began.

3. ARRIVAL: Quick Entry, Quick Exit -and PAYMENT:
PRE-PAY if possible via our Business Cell Phone 860-866-6980


We are hoping to eliminate any time in the RECEPTION ROOM, as the area is to be considered 'closed'. 
Until further notice: When arriving, Please wait outside at our door and we will come get you.
Plan to arrive at the door 5 min before your appointment time. It may be locked - but 5 minutes prior to your appointment - it will be unlocked by your therapist.
EACH VISIT WHEN YOU ARRIVE: you will need to:
-sign a new COVID waiver, (better yet bring it with you, signed -click below)
-you'll need to wash your hands or use hand sanitizer upon entering,
-use restroom if needed, and then be brought immediately to your service room.
The reception room, for the time being, is just a room to walk thru, not a room to lounge or wait in. 

If possible: Please Download our COVID waiver, print, sign and bring with you! CLICK HERE
(sorry, but for the time being - each visit bring a new signed COVID waiver) -
completely okay if you can't bring one - we have them at the spa.. 


If you plan to use a gift certificate: text us a picture/copy of the gift certificate or card you plan to use. We are trying to eliminate the need to pay at the time of the appointment/in person. We can do this at the spa, so if you forget - it's okay.



You have it the easiest.  We of course will use an unused benefit or charge your card on file.  If your credit card on file needs updating, text us and set up a time for a call so we can get your new number.

NON MEMBERS/repeat clients:
We may have your credit card on file already - If we don't,  please arrange via text a time for a call to provide us with your credit card number, or Leave a voicemail, we will get back to you!

If you would like we are happy to keep your credit card on file (always encrypted) to use for future visits - this way that call with your card information only needs to be made once. Future visits, easy in / easy out.


Same as above for non members, please text us to set up a time for a call to get your credit card information. Or leave a voicemail. USE our biz cell to text: 860-866-6980.  ALSO: Intake forms are sent with all appointment confirmation emails: Please fill this out prior to your appointment.  



If you would like to leave a tip on your credit card, text me and I will take care of it. If you would like to leave a cash tip, please put cash in envelope (there are some at reception if you forget) and either leave in treatment room, or place on reception counter when leaving.   Thank you!


Please re-book via text after your appointment. This way - easy in, easy out.
In fact, as soon as your session is over, after you float back to your car and are sitting there in total bliss and happiness, shoot us a text and get those next appointments on the books!  


Once your service is over, we normally like to chat a bit. What we will do now, is we will wash up before leaving the service room, and this is where we can talk if we need to / post-service.  Once you come out - it's a quick trip to the door. Not how we usually do things, but for now, it's the way it needs to be. As long as I've been given your payment information prior to the appointment, you should be able to just walk on out. If I have not received your payment information, you can still pay at the spa.
 Not anywhere near the friendly exit we typically like - but please just remember it's temporary. 


Cash is accepted - but we are not keeping it on hand at the spa! If you wish to pay in cash please bring the EXACT amount, thank you!

4. Sick? Don't feel right? Don't come in! 🤧

If you have any signs of illness, feel 'off', a cough, a slight fever, or have been with someone else who has been sick or showing signs of illness-please do not come in.  We are happy to reschedule.
If you have traveled recently to a 'hot spot' - please wait 14 days before scheduling your service.
Please be honest. No one wants to get sick. 

5. Time between services for cleaning

For your comfort we have 30 mins minimum in between each session for proper cleaning and sanitation.
We also require PPE from our team. Whenever possible we will alternate the use of rooms, so no two appointments will be back to back in the same room. We have air purifiers, sterilizers and UV lights that are all shown to eliminate viruses, bacteria and mold. We wash and wipe down every surface (including massage tables and face cradles) before and after every service. Door knobs, counters, sinks, faucet handles, stools, chairs, etc. -if we have touched it, or think you have, - it gets cleaned and disinfected. We have removed most things we can't easily clean, that might get touched.
We will be doing everything required and recommended to ensure
YOUR SAFETY and the safety of all R and R  employees. 

6. 65 and older clients

It is recommended by the State of CT that anyone over the age of 65 is to still stay home.

It is not required, -it is recommended - so If you want to come in for a service - you can, it is up to you!
Do what you feel is best for you!

7. Let's talk less for a while 😉
We ask that conversation during the session is limited to being about the massage/service itself. We are in a closed, small room, and it is recommended that we should minimize talking. We do understand there are many of you that find  'talking' part of their 'relaxation process' - and not for nothing - we love always love hearing about your life and talking with you - Please remember This is TEMPORARY. Soft talking will be back eventually - just for the time being, try to settle into the enjoyment of your session and enjoy some quiet time :) 

As stated back in Point 1, we are not allowed to do facials at this time. Please consider some of the other services our talented and highly skilled licensed Esthetician's provide, that we ARE allowed to do!
a. Back Facial (this is incredible if you have not had one you do not know what you are missing!) 
b. Moisturizing Body Wrap (exfoliate, detoxify and moisturize your entire body!)
c. Lash and Brow Tinting (ditch the mascara and enhance those brows!)

d. Lash Extensions (REALLY ditch the mascara - new lashes individually applied/you'll love it!)

e. Foot and Leg, & Hand and Arm treatments (treat your body right with these relaxing treatments)

Please help keep these talented Estheticians busy!

9. Retail Area/Reception Room
Our retail area now is MUCH smaller - as it's technically ...closed.

What we recommend - is if you want something - just show us what you want and we will use your credit card on file to charge. Super easy - just say 'charge to my account' and you can be on your way with the item(s) you want.
If your card is not yet on file, we want that before your appointment.
ALSO: Please do not bring anyone with you who is not receiving services. They can not 'wait' for you inside the spa.



10. Lastly, appointments with Laura. 
Hey guys, Laura here  😊
If you've read thru all this and are still with me - THANK YOU!
I'm so excited we have been able to reopen the spa! Let's hope it can stay that way!
I can't wait to see everyone again, I've missed you all SO MUCH! 
I truly hope this finds you all healthy and happy!

I know it's a lot of changes - but they seem to be changing the rules on a daily basis. I imagine it will not be like this forever. I guess we all have to do our part to continue with our lives, in the safest way possible. And the State of CT feels that following these rules will keep us safer!  So we will follow the rules!

With regard to appointments with me...

I will still be 'around' at the spa, but I am stepping back from appointments for the time being..

 I will be shifting my focus to more of the marketing and business aspects of R and R.
The mandated shutdown put a dent in the spa.  I need to work overtime to try to save it. Wish me luck! 🙏 
Also - since all of you/our clients can no longer book yourselves online, and are now asked to go through our business cell phone for all aspects of communication. This will take up a lot more of my time - and I don't want me working appointments to affect my ability to answer those texts and phone calls in a timely manner. I will share this responsibility with the others from time to time.

R and R is currently fully staffed with 8 employees besides myself -
they are all incredibly gifted at what they do. They've got things covered!

Which leads me to my Fourth reason to step back from services right now... my incredibly amazing talented employees. I want them to work as much as possible.  They want and need to work. I feel a great responsibility with regard to each and every one of them. I want them all to be successful, so I want them to have as much opportunity to work as possible.

I do know some of you want to work with me and only me..

I love that and Thank you! 🤗

I'm not gone forever.. it's just for the time being - and during this time,
I request you give some others at R and R a try! I think you'll be surprised at how awesome everyone is.
Feel free to try everyone else til you find a new favorite.. Trust me, they are all amazing! They all have their own style - I'm certain you will find at least one of them you will love!!


Much love to you all!

~Laura 💖

- a few more things..  (sorry.. didn't realize you were sitting down to a book, did ya?) ;)

Two hour massages have been suspended for the time being. 90 minute services are as long as we will go for now. There are a few exceptions to that - Reiki massage and Reflexology massage. Please understand giving a massage wearing a mask is challenging. I have told ALL employees, that if they need a moment of fresh air during a service - that it is okay to take a 2-3 minute pause if they need to. I suggested when it's time to turn over, if they need a moment, they can leave the room and get some air if needed. This is typically a no-no during a massage, but these are strange times. I doubt it will be needed often, but I did give the okay. Hope you all understand :) 

Also, we are not allowed to have candies, snacks, access to water cooler, magazines, or anything like that. We do have water to offer you when you leave, but if you have become accustom to our snacks post-service, sorry, we can't do that anymore for the time being.  We are also not to have anything 'shared' by clients that we can't wipe down after, so no more large baskets in the room for your belongings.. from now on please use chair to hold your belongings and shoe tray for shoes. 


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