Frequently Asked Questions

How early should I arrive before my service?

If it's your first time at R and R, we suggest 10-15 minutes prior. This time, allows you to fill out our Intake form(s), use the restroom if necessary, talk with your therapist and advise them of any areas that may need special attention, or areas to avoid, etc. This is the opportunity to let them know if you've had any injuries, or illnesses - anything that will guide them to giving you the best most appropriate service. This time also allows you time to change and get on the table. Understand that your appointment time ends by the appointment end time, so if you want your full appointment length, you'll want it to start on time! To be clear :) ... lets say your one hour massage appointment starts at 1pm. If you walk in the door at 1pm - it may not be until 1:15 before your actual massage begins. It will still end at 2pm. SO... you would want to arrive at 12:45 to ensure you get your full hour! :) 

When are you open?

We are by appointment only.  Technically our business hours are 9a-8pm daily. However - some days and times have more coverage than others. All employees don't do all of the services we offer - so all services may not be available all day every day.  The best way to find out if there is availability for the service you want, on the day you want, at the time you want - is to text us at 860-866-6980. One of us has the R and R cell phone at all times and will be happy to help. If you like to do things on your own, we welcome it! Our online booking system is awesome - click here to do things on your own :) 

I've never gotten a massage before and am nervous about what will happen, can you break it down for me so I know what to expect?

Of course! When you first come in for your very first massage, you'll be given an intake form. This asks for some basic personal and medical information. Mainly, we want to know a little about you, and what your goals for your massage (if any) might be. This is where you might mention where you are sore, or what surgeries or injuries you might have had, etc. It's important to include any health issues or medications you may be taking.  If you have ever filled out a form at a Doctors office, it's not much different than that.  Next, we'll offer you a chance to use the restroom before your service (we always recommend this!) we bring you to your service room!  Now is your chance to get to know your therapist a little, and to tell your massage therapist any areas you would like to have focused on, or generally what kind of pressure you like (if you know - don't worry if you don't, we'll figure that out together). Once you've talked about any goals you might have, they will leave the room. They will advise you whether you should get on the table face up, or face down (they may determine this by what you said your goals were). Once they've left the room, you will have a few minutes to undress. Here, you undress to your comfort level. Many decide to undress completely, and many decide to leave their underwear on (ladies you'd still want to remove your bra). There is a basket in each room for you to put your clothes in, and a bowl to put small things in, like your watch and jewelry. There is also a hook on the door to hang items.  Now, you get on the table, just like you'd get in a bed. Under the sheet and blanket. If your Massage Therapist said 'face down' - you'll want to put your face into the face cradle. Now, just sit back and relax. "What do I do with my arms?" We hear that a lot - whatever is comfortable!  Some people like to hang them off the table, where many lay them down beside them on the table (this is most common but there is no wrong place) - the name of the game, is comfort. IF - for any reason you are uncomfortable laying face down - let us know! We can easily give a full body massage with you lying on your side, or back. 

I'm not sure what kind of pressure I like. Does that matter?

No, not at all. We can absolutely figure it out together! When we are giving you a massage, we will ask you if you like the pressure. Please answer honestly!  Also please feel free at any time to let us know if you'd like more, or less pressure. And different areas may like different things! So please don't wait until the end of the massage to tell us, as at the end we can adjust our pressure. Let us know as its happening if you'd like less or more. Also - if we hit an area that you'd like us to spend a little extra time - if we can, we will! Feel free to say, yes! There, that's the spot. :) 

Any special tips for me?

Well, yes! What we want most if for you to be comfortable and relaxed! Often, we may need to move or adjust your arms, legs, head, etc.. when we go to move a part of you, please let us. There is no need to assist, in fact, we prefer when you don't! :)   Many times we use gravity to help us do our work! For example, when we are working on your neck, don't lift your head, as we may be moving it a certain way for a reason. Just lay back, and relax. We've got this! :)

I really like this one therapist - but does that mean I always have to see the same one?

No! We absolutely encourage you try the many different therapists at R and R! Every one of them is uniquely skilled with some same, and some different techniques! Also, many do different modalities (hot stone, bamboo, Thai compress, etc).. so feel free to try different services with different therapists! They are all fantastic!

There are a lot of styles of massage on your website, and I have no idea what most of them are

Ask us!  :)
There are brief descriptions on our Massage page - what we really suggest, is try them! Go through our services menu like you might go through a restaurant menu - try them all! Make each visit a different style and take advantage of the opportunity to try them all locally! If you've ever been away on vacation, you might see some of these styles offered at crazy prices! We keep them all the same, to encourage you to try them out! You'll be surprised at how many you enjoy! All have similarities, but a little different. Some we use tools, some just a different style of motion. Enjoy the variety! Plus, different massage therapists do them each a little differently. So if you like variety, try the different styles, with different massage therapists! The combinations are many - enjoy!

What if I have to go to the bathroom in the middle of my massage?

Not a problem! Every room has a robe and slippers for this very reason!  When the 'turn over' part of your massage happens - this is a perfect time to mention it! However, there is no wrong time! We REALLY recommend you saying something, and taking the quick little break. There is nothing worse, than really having to go when  you are getting a massage. You will enjoy your massage less, and we don't want that! 

I'm afraid I might fall asleep on the table, I don't want to miss anything!

Falling asleep is perfectly fine! Your muscles will be fully relaxed and they will feel just as good after as if you were awake. Don't worry about snoring either! It happens ALL the time :) It's generally considered a compliment!

Is there anything I need to do to prepare prior to my massage?
Be prepared to enjoy yourself! We do recommend not eating a huge meal first, or drinking a lot first. This may make you uncomfortable. If you've just had a run, or worked out and are hot and sweaty - you might want to shower first :) Not only will you be clean first, but the hot shower will prep your muscles to relax!

If you have any allergies, please let your therapist know. And, if there are any areas of your body you prefer not to be massaged, also let them know. For example, if you have a meeting  or going out after, and you'd rather not have your hair or face massaged, we can skip those areas. If you prefer your abdomen area not to be massaged, let us know (tho generally we do not add this area unless requested).  Some people are ticklish on their feet, we can either avoid the feet, or adjust or motions to lessen the 'tickle'. If you've had a recent injury, cuts, bruises, etc.. let us know to avoid the area. Arthritis, maybe painful hands, etc.. we want to know in order to make your massage most enjoyable. So, in preparation, have a  mental list of things to mention to us.

What about after? Anything I should expect after my massage?

Generally we suggest drinking plenty of water and enjoying the rest of your day. Some special services (Ayurveda, Aromatherapy and Thai Compress) include using special oils or herbs on your skin. If you get one of these services, it is recommended to wait on showering, to allow those wonderful properties of the herbs and oils to penetrate your skin fully so you can enjoy their benefits for a much longer time!

Do I tip my massage therapist? What is customary? 

We do not require gratuity, but we appreciate it!  Typically, if you enjoyed your massage, a gratuity of 20% of the regular priced service is customary. We do our very best to make your time with all of us relaxing and special. This is a wonderful thank you :) 

I'm overweight, and self conscious. I'm not even sure if your tables will hold me!

Here's the thing! We don't care what size you are, or what you look like. We care about you as an individual, and providing you with the relaxing service you deserve! We ALL need to relax and to enjoy some me time. In all honesty, we are so focused on muscles, and relaxing them, that we rarely notice anything else! Plus - if you are really concerned, take comfort that the lights are either VERY low, or off all together. It's dark, and designed to help you find your calm, happy place. We guarantee, you are entering a judgment free zone at R and R. Over weight, under weight, scars, deformities, missing limbs, skin conditions, unusual markings or growths, we have seen it all, and we honestly don't care. What we care about, is you. Your happiness, And giving you a wonderfully relaxing experience!  And for the record, our tables hold up to 800lbs, plus another 400lb pressure.  We also have tables that allow you to sit up at an incline more than a laying down position, if that is more comfortable. And, if laying on your stomach or back is uncomfortable, we can also give you your massage with you laying on your side. Everything is adjustable, and not an issue at all!  Stop worrying, and start relaxing.

Does your staff get regular Continuing education?

Yes. As licensed massage therapists, the state of CT requires continuing education. In fact, we typically go far beyond the required hours. Most of us are always looking for ways to improve our services for our clients!

I've just had an injury is it safe to get a massage?

This may depend on the injury. Often, a certain amount of time must pass for it to be safe. Sometimes 3 days, sometimes 3 months or more. If you have had any injury it is best to ask your doctor if it is safe for massage. Generally we can tailor the kind of massage to suit your needs. Your doctor may in fact recommend massage for faster healing!

What does R and R stand for?

Rest and Relaxation of course! Tho we've found many R's that work.
Restore, Relax, Rejuvenate, Relief, Refresh ..maybe we should have just called it R's :) 

Is there an age limit?
All ages need massage. Ages under 18 need parental signature.

Am I free to bring another person with me?

We have a shared room for two people to get a massage or facial together. We often do not have a receptionist up front, so if you have someone come along, they'd be better to drop you off and come back for you when your services are done. If you need someone to wait up front for you during your services, please let us know. If we can accommodate, we will. Children can not be left unattended during services. It is OKAY to sit 'in the room' during your service if you prefer that. This IS required for a parent to be in the room during a child's service.

How far in advance should I schedule my massage? 

You can schedule your service up to a year in advance!  We do recommend scheduling at least 3-4 days in advance, preferrably 1-2 weeks in advance. Our schedule can get busy, so the earlier you schedule the better.

Last minute massages? How to get one?

The best way to get a last minute massage is to text us at 860-866-6980. If we can get you in same day, we will.

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