Physical Touch Plays an important role in a happy healthy lifestyle -
even more so when dealing with a Pandemic!

Touch is...

1.   A Stress Regulator

Touch is our system of communication and connection. Touch is how we communicate safety in relationships and how we bond with one another. If we are unable to socially engage, our bodies turn to our next system of defense. That would be our sympathetic nervous system - we get into that fight or flight mode.  Maybe our heart rate will increase, our muscles will feel tense, we are on alert.  Our emotions go into super sensitive mode and feelings like anger, and anxiousness come up. We might have panic attacks and thoughts racing through our minds. Sleep seems unattainable and focus is unattainable. If you're away from people, and touch is out of the question, and stress is high - there are things to do to help. Touch is only one piece of our social engagement system. Eye contact and facial expressions can also give the feeling of connection. Facetime family and friends.. it's amazing how this connection will help!  Also, try self massage. Your own touch, can ease your stress.  And when you can, schedule a massage in a safe environment. This solid hour or more of touch, will truly help ease your state of mind. 

2.   An Immune System Booster

When someone touches you, a simple hand on the shoulder or a wonderfully long hug, it says a huge happy hello to all those pressure receptors under the skin! This stimulation travels directly to the brain where nerves tell that fussy brain to take a chill pill and reduce that stress hormone called cortisol. 


Cortisol suppresses the immune system- including the activities of a type of white blood cell called the natural killer cell. These natural killer cells ward off viral, bacterial and even cancer cells that could harm our health. 

These immune system benefits make touch an incredibly important part of our physical well-being and overall good health.  Simply walking will stimulate those pressure receptors in your feet helping your system. Hand washing also does this. Imagine what Massage does for your entire body in getting that response!



3.   A Sleep Aid

If you’ve been having trouble sleeping during the pandemic, you’re not alone. Millions of people are experiencing sleep deprivation during this crazy time. .  One way troubled sleepers can help themselves get good sleep? Touch.

You need to make sure you spend some time moving your skin! Ideally, if you have someone in your house with you, they can provide a massage or gentle touch. If you are alone however, there are other ways.  Simple self massage to your neck and shoulders, holding your hands to your head and heart and breathe.. can help you feel more connected to your body. Weighted blankets can also help, as well as touch from a pet!

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